Biography of Helen Keller

Helen Keller was one of those great women who set a unique example in the world on the strength of her works and principles.

The difficulties in the life of Helen Keller succumbed to her courage and hard work.

Helen Keller lived her life and set an example of courage in the kind of situations we are filled with fear just by thinking about them.

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama, United States.

Helen Keller's full name was Helen Adams Keller. Helen Keller's father's name was Arthur H. Keller and mother's name was Katherine Adams Keller.

Helen Keller's father served as an officer in the army. She was perfectly healthy when Helen Keller was born.

But time passed, and after about 19 months, Helen Keller became ill, catching up with a high fever.

After much difficulty, Helen Keller's fever subsided in three to four days.

He had such a fever that in most cases such a patient would die but Helen Keller survived.

After some time it was found that Helen Keller had lost her hearing, speaking and seeing power due to that disease.

Helen Keller was different from normal children as she was now unable to speak, hear and see.

Because of which Helen Keller could not sit and read with other children, could not play with them and could not talk to them.

After several attempts by Helen Keller's parents, they finally found a teacher named "Annie Sullivan" for Helen Keller.

Gradually, Helen Keller's interest in writing became deeper and Helen Keller wrote many books in Braille script and also translated many books.

Helen Keller had gone through such a phase of struggles in her life which was unbearable.

He traveled all over the country and told his story to the people so that they too could get inspiration to fight the misery,

Helen Keller proved that a disability of the body cannot hinder a person in reading, writing, speaking and playing.

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